Different Position Comics-51

Notice : Release every 3 days

Holly sure knows how to tell a story.

Hey! Do you like TG comics? I bet the answer is yes. Well then, I have good news! Mimi decided make her own short comic in her free time after being hired here on the site. I didn”t have any role in making it, and it”s all her work. Here”s the first page:

This idea of Holly”s now doesn”t seem like a good idea to Chris. Not only is he her doll for playing dress up with actual dresses, but there”s the risk someone they know could see two Hollys.

Holly”s having a lot of fun with her twin/doll/changeling/boyfriend. She has him put on everything dress she likes until she finds a winner for the Homecoming dance. Chris will be happy when she”s finally the one wearing the dress.