Different Position Comics-53

Notice : Release every 3 days

What Holly said or didn”t say to Kayla is causing a serious fight between her and Chris. She says that her words were taken out of context, and that she would never think about cheating on Chris. However, how can Chris trust her? Things will be complicated until this is all sorted out.

Homecoming has passed. While Chris and Holly were pretending everything was okay between them at the dance, they were robbed of Homecoming King and Queen by a snobby rich kid. Scarlett butts into Chris and Jessica”s discussion, with something she”s very excited to find. What could it be?

Scarlett has found a box containing clothes she wore back in her high school and college years! While showing her 80″s fashion sense to her kids, Chris has the same thought all of us had. Will wearing Scarlett”s old clothes turn him into a young Scarlett?

That sneaky Chris is at it again. He gets his hands on Scarlett”s twenty year old clothing. If you think modern day Scarlett is hot, wait until you see her in her prime.