Different Position Comics-79

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jessica can clearly tell this mystery girl is Chris, but she doesn”t realize at first that there is a second person living in Chris”s mind. It turns out she really does have a sister.

After a lot of explanation from Christina and Chris, Jessica knows what”s been going on with them. Christina feels such relief that her sister finally knows of her own existence, and Jessica is there to support her new sis. One problem remains: Scarlett.

Chris lays down the ground rules that they can tell Mom, but they can”t say who Christina really is. Instead, they introduce her to Mom as just a friend.

eird how Christina has such a similar name to Chris.. And kinda looks like him… And this is a good friend that”s never been brought up before… And- well, Scarlett bought it. Not like that”s the magically former female version of your son.