Different Position Comics-81

Notice : Release every 3 days

Isabel is shocked to find out that a warlock had no idea he was one, but Chris on the other hand is on a whole different level of surprise when his eyes light up. Isabel has to calm him down and explain that she didn”t do that to him, it”s actually part of him.

Still overcome with shock and disbelief, Chris questions Isabel about what the heck he is. On the surface, it seems Chris had no idea about who he was because his father passed away before Chris was of age. However, is that all to the tale of Chris”s parents?

As Christina reminds him, there are other things going on: his transformation power, and Christina. Isabel says that the clothing transformation power is most likely an enchantment put on him by another sorcerer. The question is, who did that to him?

The matter of Christina seems to bring up more questions than answers, and even Isabel doesn”t know what to make of Chris”s female form. However, she knows a couple of people who might be able to help: her parents.