Different Position Comics-90

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is finally let free of his prison when Isabel decides he”s had enough punishment for his mistake. On the positive side for Jessica, she can now take his place with Fransisco, and Chris has set up a date between them. If things work out with those two, Jessica might end up very grateful to what her brother did for her.

Isabel is (ironically) the one doing the scolding for the rule breaking of magic. She”s surprisingly effect at it too, as if it”s happened to her in the past. Even if Isabel is harsh at times, she”s doing this for his own good because the next time could have results far deadlier than someone turning into a cat.

Chris is finally back to normal, and Isabel decides to stick around for the New Year celebration. With both of them dressed like that and hanging out together at a party, Chris better hope Holly doesn”t show up to see what looks like a date.

In a moment between Chris and Isabel, she reveals she doesn”t get along very well with her own kind, especially those are her age. She actually appreciates Chis because he acts like a non-blood and has little knowledge of Arcanic culture. So far, they get along well as tutor and student.