Different Position Comics-91

Notice : Release every 3 days

Happy 2015! Isabel finally reveals what Sapphires specialize in: motion-based magic. They excel in teleporting, telekinesis, and speed. One day Isabel hopes to reach their Bloodline”s Mastery Spell: Flight. With everything taken care of at the party, there are a few lingering questions left to answer…

Christina”s body is coming together, but still not ready. In the mean time, they still have a few unanswered questions to figure out. Perhaps Norah can help with this.

Norah will attempt to find out what happened with Chris by reading through whats left of his father”s memories. We travel back to a time when Nolan was still alive and Chris was a little boy. This is about to get sad, isn”t it?

To honor one year of Different Perspectives, the third comic series, Fractured, has finally been revealed!