Different Position Comics-96

Notice : Release every 3 days

Just before Chris”s weekend at Holly”s place, Isabel is teaching him Obsidian”s Construct magic. She offers to remove his father”s clothing enchantment, but for some odd reason he wants to keep it. Even more strangely, he”s taken the time to learn his father”s old spell so that he can use it himself.

The weekend is here.

Chris turns into Holly while they talk more about his curiosity. He”s embarrassed to admit that the first time they had lesbian sex got his mind going, though he was too afraid to ever say anything about it. Holly has absolutely no issues with it though.

Chris is now Holly, with one minor exception. The real Holly is getting her turn first. They start foreplay in bed, with Holly quickly going after Chris”s new sensitive places. Chris might enjoy being a girl more than he”d like us to believe. Time to find out the truth.