Different Position Comics-99

Notice : Release every 3 days

Holly explains why she never wanted to leave Chris during this mess, besides the fact that she loves him dearly. It looks like these two lovebirds will be together for a long time. Oh yeah, and Chris is getting better with magic. Now he doesn”t even need his clothing power.

Chris left the clothing enchantment on Holly last night, so she tries it out completely the following morning. This obviously leads to quite a surprise for Chris when he wakes up. He lets her keep the enchantment, but warns that it comes with nothing but trouble

It”s graduation day for Chris, Christina, Jessica, and Holly. With high school behind them, it”s time for the next big step up in life: college. However, there”s an unexpected arrival from a certain South Side grad.

Isabel explains that she will be going away, and won”t be able to teach Chris for the time being. Over the last six months of them becoming friends, even caring for each other, they find it sad to suddenly have to say goodbye.