Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-30

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris isn”t fond of math, but his hot teacher, Miss Turner, makes it much more interesting. When she warns him after class about his slipping grades, Chris tries thinking of a way to fix this problem. Why not use that power of his?

Chris has worked out a plan to get into Miss Turner”s shoes. Since she”s the school”s softball coach, he”s going to get into the girl”s locker room as Holly, then change there. What could go wrong?

Chris is now back as Holly. He better hope he doesn”t cross paths with her in the hallway.

Things are going well so far. Everyone sees Chris as Holly, even his sister he bumps into. Holly and Jessica”s final class of the day are right next to each other, and Chris finds himself forced there. He”s on a collision coarse with the real Holly unless he can worm his way out of this one.