Mysteria Adventure-2

Notice : Release every 3 days

Hikaru and Yuzuki are very excited to experience Age of Adventurers and the NVR system. Not being the gamer-type like her big brother, Yuzuki”s a bit worried about having to fight monster as if it was like real life. It couldn”t be that bad, could it?

It”s time to suit up! Goodbye real life, hello virtual reality!

Hikaru enters the game, only to find an empty digital horizon. However, he has some fun with being able to create his character right in front of him. He”s accustomed to playing as sexy female characters because they are much more enjoyable to look at. Hikaru, I think you forget that your perspective won”t be of her, it will be her own perspective that you see.

AOA gives players a ton of customization options when it comes to creating your character! Hikaru uses them to turn his Moon Elf girl into the sexiest thing that the breast, waist, and hip sliders will let him create. Hm… Why do the words “digging”, “own”, and “grave” come to mind?