Mysteria Adventure-43

Notice : Release every 3 days

While Yuzuki and Chris get to enjoy the beach as themselves, Hikaru has to go as Leena. Now *she* gets to feel what it”s like to wear a bikini!

It”s too bad that Leon didn”t get to spend much time as Leona. It teaches him a lesson in manners around women, and he looks great like that. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Leona and Nikki will be gone. I”m sure NOTHING will go wrong.

Well there goes the quick and easy solution. On the bright side, girls, you”ve now got two young, dashing lads to help them.

Allen and Ray are a couple of Non-Player Characters, so surely they can”t be too complex or sophisticated. However, these NPCs are not just conversational, but they are attracted to Leona and Nikki.