Mysteria Adventure-57

Notice : Release every 3 days

After pleading to do what Grey Mask asks in exchange for freedom, he bestows Chris with a set of armor with incredible power. Now Chris will be incredibly dangerous to any Wanted Player he finds.

The rest of the group respawned in the graveyard outside of town along with every other player who happened to be in the village. Curiously to Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon, Chris was the only person to walk out of the village alive… and suddenly has a very different look.

Chris lies to his friends about where his new armor actually came from and plans to serve Grey Mask without them finding out.

Ever since the run-in with “Cynthel”, Isabelle hasn”t particularly taken to heart what the construct had to say. She seems to believe everything is normal with Chris, but decides to bring up the topic with her master, Alistair, just to be safe.