Mysteria Adventure-6

Notice : Release every 3 days

At least Hikaru didn”t notice that Leon”s ears weren”t the only things big and pointing up. With Hikaru not knowing what it”s like to have a guy hit on you, this isn”t exactly a scene that Yuzuki is going to be thrilled about walking into.

It”s better to assume that you”re brother is clueless about girls, Yuzuki. Hell, he”s even more clueless about BEING a girl. As for Leon, he”s happy to find out that the girl Hikaru is with isn”t her boyfriend… But that”s not all.

Yep! That hottie who was making your ears erect (and maybe some other body part), she”s actually a guy, Leon. Hikaru is a unisex name.

While Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon go check out a disturbance in Rivertown, a new person has just got themself an NVR…