Mysteria Adventure-71

Notice : Release every 3 days

A pale looking Chris is unplugged from the soul extraction device. With him free, he”s got a lot of explaining to do to his non-blood friends about what the hell is going on.

Is Grey Mask unstoppable against any character in the game? Yes. Is he unstoppable against a real sorcerer? We shall see. Chris isn”t giving up his body and life without a fight.

Man, Chris has really learned his stuff over the last two years. The warlock doesn”t just hold his own against Grey Mask, he beats him at his own game.

Chris explains to group about who he and the wanted players are, and what Grey Mask wanted with him. Even if Chris is saved, Grey Mask could use one of the other seventeen sorcerers to swap bodies with. I”m pretty sure at least two of them won”t be happy to see their group.