transforming my roommate-40

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie finds a comforting shoulder to cry on, but this time she”s short enough to nuzzle her face into Scott”s broad chest. He proposes a day out together for Jamie to get back into touch with her real self, and she eagerly jumps on the idea.

A day out with Scott turns out to be the great stress relief that Jamie has sorely needed over the past few weeks. Maybe now she”s starting to understand that she can still have just as much fun in life as woman.

Jamie is keeping all the interests she had as a man, but new womanly interests are being added to her personality. She”s relieved that she isn”t being overwritten by some strange woman.

Jamie has been hiding an outfit of mass destruction underneath that sweater. She”s picked a hell of a time to let it loose as well.