transforming my roommate-43

Notice : Release every 3 days

Things have never looked worse for a Jamie and Scott relationship. Barbara has had sex with Scott, the Fox will no longer help her, Scott feels rejected by her, and Jamie has lost her advantage in breast size.

The Fox turned Scott into a woman”s perfect lover, but he”s ended up in the wrong woman”s hands. Jamie really doesn”t know what she”s missing. Maybe she”ll start to appreciate her hunky roommate once she”s finally finished.

T-minus five days and the strong, confident woman locked inside Jamie is emerging before our eyes. Her golden locks have grown for the last time, and unlike before, this time she”s embracing the change.

Jamie”s thinking is becoming increasingly feminine now that her transformation is nearly complete. Her male ego that was resisting the changes so much is now taking a backseat to female Jamie.