transforming my roommate-47

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s soft voice seeps into Scott”s dream as she examines his muscular body. The sexy blonde interrupts his dream which causes a very arousing sensation to the real Scott.

First she couldn”t help her self with checking out Scott”s amazing body, now Jamie is being drawn to his huge erection. She snaps out of it to realize that she”s getting turned on by a man!

The Fox is back to finally finish what he started 100 days ago. Jamie retreats to her bedroom as she feels the last remnants of her masculinity withering away.

Scott has met fantasy Jamie a couple of time before, and now it”s time for Jamie to meet fantasy Scott. Despite what just happened in her roommate”s bedroom, she keeps denying that she is a woman and that she”s attracted to men. Let”s see how she feels after she gets a taste of fantasy Scott.