transforming my roommate-48

Notice : Release every 3 days

Fantasy Scott wants Jamie to admit that her new female body gives her so much more pleasure than she ever felt as a man. She has become very attached to her very sensitive breasts, and now fantasy Scott says that the same thing will happen once she”s ready to try out her new womanhood. Maybe someday soon the real Scott will be doing this to her.

Jamie”s thinking back over her transformation and maybe her acceptance to womanhood hasn”t been as forced as she”d like to admit. Whether or not fantasy Scott is right or she believes him, Jamie will become a woman very soon.

The Fox”s work is done and he”s off to find other targets. Jamie is a mere few hours away from being completed. Will Jamie take what the Fox had to say to heart or will she continue to resist?

The Fox has left behind one last parting gift for Jamie. She doesn”t realize it, but she is now the woman she saw in the picture on the very first day they moved in.